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Wilburn Productions provides destination wedding photographers and videographers services.  Many Wedding photography and video montages in this site feature recent destination wedding photography and video montages for a leading European airline. In New Zealand and the South Pacific islands ‘Forever and Always’ by Wilburn Productions provides wedding photographers and videographers  services, located in Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, anywhere in NZ and the sunny South Pacific Islands.

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‘Forever & Always’ NZ wedding photography and video by Wilburn Productions

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Every Wedding Day has it’s own unique emotion!

Beach wedding photography in beach wedding locations

We capture the spirit of your special day with a mixture of candid photography and beautifully posed mementos. Wedding video montages and wedding photography slideshows are presented in this site to help you envisage the flow of  your wedding photography and video package requirements.

The best way for wedding photographers and videographers to capture your Big Day is with a balance of reportage coverage, catching the moment as it happens, along with organized yet relaxed posed photography – this makes for the very best collection of wedding photography and video to treasure forever.

Wedding videos capture the emotion of your wedding day!


Some fun video montages of  Wedding Highlights


Tailor made wedding photographers and video packages

Whether it be in UK, Europe, or for wedding photographers and videographers in New Zealand, Auckland, Tauranga, the Bay of Plenty or any destination weddings in the South Pacific Islands  please email : info@wilburn-productions.com

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 Your ‘Wedding Story’ is the foundation package for Wilburn Productions photography and video services

You have a variety of package options for your wedding story   photography and video The ‘Wedding Story’ is our  foundation wedding story photography and video package. You simply add wedding photography and video package options to create your perfect wedding photography and video package.
  • You can choose from a variety of options for the final presentation of your wedding photography and video.
  • Whatever you choose you will receive all post-processed  photography from your wedding day on disc or USB along with a slideshow set to music of your wedding photography.
  • Some couples prefer to wait until a later stage to finalize printing options.
  • If you are on a tight budget it is better to get the footage captured, with photography and vide – you can then enjoy the photography slideshows and video and wait for a while before finalizing your album or storybook printing. The choice is yours.

Your choice of wedding photographers and videographers

Why choose Wilburn Productions for Wedding photography and video? We have developed expertise at adapting wedding photography and video services to meet the taste and requirements of each couple!

  • Without a doubt your wedding day is one of the most special occasions in your life, an emotional, joyful and sentimental occasion – every girls dream of a fairy tale come true!
  • Having filmed and photographed so many weddings we understand exactly what will be involved as your wedding day unfolds.



Your ‘Wedding Story’ photography and video provides a treasure chest of memories for years to come.

Step by step throughout your wedding day we capture those moments that you will treasure as mementos for a lifetime! We capture your wedding story photography and video productions with attention to detail and style. capturing wedding photography and video we go out of our way to ensure the magic of  your fairy tale wedding will really come true.

The best wedding photographers and videographers capture a mix of candid spontaneous photography and video with a relaxed selection of beautifully posed shots

  • With much experience as destination wedding photographers and videographers we have a clear idea of what will work best for your wedding photography and video.
  • As wedding photographers and videographers we are well organized on your wedding day –  to know how best to adapt your wedding photography and video into the schedule of events of your wedding day. We  work closely with you, or your wedding planner and their teams if you have hired their services, to help  get it just right for your special day.

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The best wedding photographers and videographers capture your Big Day in a fun and romantic way!

Your wedding photography and video captures the day in your life where you will be at your most beautiful and ‘dressed to your best!’

  • By the time you walk own the aisle you will have gone through a lot of effort planning and preparing the details of your wedding day.
  • When the big day finally arrives it is always exciting as you prepare with your party on the day of your wedding.
  • Your wedding photographers and videographers help you plan in advance to establish a realistic time schedule so that you are not rushing at the last minute.

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We get beautiful wedding photography and video before  your wedding when you are dressed in your gorgeous wedding gown, complete with accessories, jewels and  bouquet – there’s no doubting that as a bride you will be at your most stunning ever.

As ‘girls’ we know how important it is to capture you beautifully on your special day.We always find it a great excitement to be a part of the emotion and commotion as your big  day unfolds.

wedding photography before the ceremony BEACH_wedding_photography_MICHELLE_MATTHEW (80 of 242)

  • The ‘getting ready’ before your wedding is definitely a part of your day that you will be glad to have photography and video mementos to look back on with family and friends.
  • You will have had great fun selecting your wedding gown and the grooms attire, along with that of your bridal party.
  • And of course you will have made a great effort to ensure your wedding guests are well catered for.
  • When your ceremony finally arrives the moment is yours!
Kirsty and Alan exchanged rings during their wedding ceremony

Kirsty and Alan exchanging rings during their wedding ceremony

As wedding photographers and videographers we direct you in a relaxed manner, to get you looking your very best!

The relationship you develop with your wedding photographers and videographers is extremely important.

  • If you have chosen a destination wedding, you will be embarking on an exciting adventure.  As you will see by looking at some of our Wedding photography and videos, the events of each wedding day will be quite unique.
  • Whatever style and location of wedding you choose, you will find yourself leaning on your photographer and videographer for guidance.
  • We are with you every step of the way, albeit most often in the background, and know how to make sure you enjoy every moment.

 A wedding video montage of Elli and Vasili’s Orthodox Church wedding

 It is an honor to attend your wedding as wedding photographers and videographers

I am continually moved  by the unique beauty of each and every couple and experience great joy at each wedding that we capture. We sincerely love our work and take great care  to capture your unique ‘Wedding Story’ in such a way that will create everlasting and special mementos of your wedding day you will be proud to share.

  • I aim for the balance of capturing your Wedding photographs and video,  with a mixture of candid spontaneous moments, where you will not even be aware that the camera is on you – and also with beautifully posed shots.
  • Capturing your  Wedding Story in photography and video for DVD is about filming with an eye for emotion and detail. I am skilled at being able to quickly develop a very personal  relationship with you – each and every couple, which is essential, not only in helping you feel comfortable and able to relax throughout your day, but in ensuring that you will get the best photographs and DVD of your wedding day.


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Wilburn Productions Wedding Photography & video

Garden wedding photography and video in tauranga bay of Plenty New Zeraland

Best prices for wedding photography and video to ensure you can have the very best wedding story mementos

Wilburn Productions wedding photography and video packages are personally tailor made to your requirements and budget, We often find ourselves smiling into the camera, and laughing, or crying with you! Our emotional connection to your big day is really important as it helps us to connect with you, and produce your Wedding Story on video and photography Story Book in a way that will forever remind you of the emotions and sensations of your wedding day. Long after your big day is over it will be your wedding photography and video that will provide your treasured memories for a lifetime!


  • Following your wedding we complete photography and video post-production ourselves, and design your wedding photography album designs. We never send your videos away to be edited by a stranger or use pre-made photography templates to produce your wedding storybook or photograph albums.
  • We believe that we are the very best people to produce your wedding story phtography and video packages, having been at your wedding, and  interacted with you and your guests. We understand exactly what was important and special on your wedding day. This is a key to producing wedding storybooks and video DVD productions in such a way that we present you with memories that you will treasure forever.


Photographers and video for destination weddings which provide a great chance to get away with your closest family and friends

Why Choose Destination Weddings?

Many couples these days request our services as destination wedding photographers and videographers. With many couples looking for wedding locations that boast a high number of sunshine days , coupled with the finest selection of beautiful  beaches, beach weddings are always popular especially for destination wedding locations

  • With crystal clear waters, wonderful landscapes, extraordinary sea caves, and historical landmarks to explore – there’s plenty to see and so much to do. With family and friends you are able to enjoy each others company while combining your wedding, holiday and honeymoon.
  • The number of people taking the decision to have their weddings away from their home locations increases every year. You won’t regret  your choice to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and to really enjoy your wedding, in a relaxed holiday atmosphere with family and friends who are nearest and dearest to you.

If you are considering a destination wedding and want to request a price for our wedding photographers and videographers packages we hope you find our information site useful, and look forward to getting in touch


Wedding phoitographers anad videographer in Tauranga, bay of Plenty and anywhere in NZ and abroad!

‘Forever & Always’ NZ wedding photographers and video services by Wilburn Productions

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