Cameo Island Weddings in Zante, Zakynthos Greek Islands

Zante Weddings at Cameo Island

Cameo Island, weddings in Zante, located in Agios Sostis port, just around the corner from Laganas resort, is one of the most popular beach wedding locations in Zante.

The ability to hire the beach cove privately at Cameo Island, as well as the dreamy feel of having your very own island for your wedding in Zakynthos, attracts many couples to Cameo Island for their Zante destination wedding.


The Location of Cameo Island for Zante Weddings

Within easy walking distance of the main Laganas resort, is the charming port of Agios Sostis the small island of Cameo is reached from the port, by way of a long rickety wooden bridge.


Zante weddings on Cameo Island

Weddings in Zante on Cameo Island

There are two beach bars on the island of Cameo, both open day and night. From the upstairs bar you have amazing views over to Marathonisi Island, and a very relaxing atmosphere.


The main Cameo Beach Bar is located on the little beach below. It is here that most of the summer weddings  in Zante on Cameo Island take place. The Cameo Island beach cove, where weddings in Zante take place can be rented privately so you have an intimate space just for you and your wedding  guests.

The beach at Cameo island is small and cozy, with white pebbles and sparkling turquoise waters. The billowing white muslin curtains of fabric floating in the sky above are a fantastic addition to this wedding location and add a really magical atmosphere to weddings in Zante.

Cameo island wedding photography

Photography for Weddings on Cameo Island

From Behind the Camera Photographs and Videos of Zante weddings

Cameo Island offers some fantastic Zante wedding photographs and video opportunities for your Wilburn Productions ‘Wedding Story’. Firstly, we like to take time with every bride on her arrival at Cameo, and before she heads over the bridge, to get some beautiful blue sky shots in full wedding glory with Cameo Island sitting in the distance behind. In this pre-wedding shoot of the bride we capture all of the special details of the brides dress, hair, jewels and accessories, including fun poses with her family members and bridesmaids.

Once over the bridge, the lighting at Cameo can at times be difficult – with strong sunlight on the water behind, and no natural light on the couple during the wedding ceremony. We always try to position you as carefully as possible to get the best angles and lighting for your Zante wedding photographs and DVD ‘wedding story’ productions.

We will always take the bride and groom out to the jetty after the post ceremony reception, following the wedding ceremony for some stunning sunshine ‘just married’ portraits.


A Cameo Island Wedding

Each Cameo Island wedding in Zante is of course slightly different, but we can share with you a general flow of events. We like to film the groom as he and the wedding guests head over the bridge. We then wait for the bride to arrive and spend time filming the pre-wedding shoot for the Wedding Story. At this point we pose the bride and bridal party for great photographs and video with Cameo Island in the distance.

This is a great opportunity to get the precious details of the bridal gown and wedding attire  before the wedding begins. Sometimes if the bride is keen we even take her to the top of a little hill and film fabulous photos and video from below. These images are always a fantastic opening to your Cameo Island Wedding.

Slowly the bridal party makes their way over the bridge, and up the Cameo hill to the wedding ceremony location. Walking down the hill on the other side to meet the groom, with guests seated in the private cove. The wedding ceremony and celebrations are all contained within the small cove at Cameo with drinks and refreshments served from the floating bar.

We do family portraits and ‘just married’ shots of the bride and groom around the private area – always providing some beautiful wedding story memories. Some couples do choose to hold their reception on Cameo Island, but most depart for another location around Zante for their evening meal and fun.

Amy and Phil

Amy and Phil’s wedding in Zante took place on Cameo Island. They moved on to a Greek Taverna for the wedding reception

When choosing Cameo Island as your Zante wedding location

Don’t underestimate the walk over the bridge and up the steep flight of fortress stone stairs up the  hill at Cameo before you get to your ceremony location. We strongly recommend very sensible shoes and a nice tidy up do for your hair so that you are comfortable and tidy when you arrive on the other side to your groom.

Also consider in advance whether your guests are all going to be comfortable with the Cameo Island location, especially  the elderly, disabled, and those wedding guests with children in pushchairs.